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Staying Here

Gift your dog a great time at The Bark Inn, Small Dogs Country Retreat


At The Bark Inn, we pride ourselves on creating a space where your small dog’s mental health, peace, and fun are front and centre of everything we do.

  • We are committed to ensuring your dog has a happy, healthy, and safe visit with us.
  • Our number one priority is your dog’s physical and mental comfort.
  • Our retreat offers over two and a half acres of dedicated guest areas for your dog to play and stay active.
  • Enrichment is key for our guests, and we provide a range of interactive play areas, water play, and sandpits for digging.
  • Our guest lounge is the perfect place to relax, with comfy beds and a couch for your dog to watch movies or listen to music.
  • Your dog will have their dedicated bay to sleep in with their own bedding or our comfy beds during rest times.
  • A selection of crates are available if your dog is used to being crated at night.
  • Our play areas are fully supervised.
  • We understand that every dog is different, and we have developed an environment that caters to multiple dog’s needs.
  • For more information, please refer to our FAQ page.


The Bark Inn is one of a kind in Taupo.
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