Boarding & Day Care With A Difference

Day Retreats

Our established members have the option to book a day retreat.

They participate in our enrichment programmes, play on our interactive playgrounds,  socialize in small groups, and have quiet time with relaxing music.

Our environment is fun, safe and allows us to focus on your dog with individual care.

Why choose us?


Our guests have the choice to lounge around inside on one of our comfy beds or couch while watching a movie or listening to music. They can rest on the deck outside or have a game with others in the play area or play park throughout the day while fully supervised and get to join in the enrichment program with our day retreat members.

We have rooms available so each dog has a dedicated space to sleep with their own bedding or one of our comfy beds during rest times, a selection of crates are available if your dog is used to being crated at night.

Read more about staying here. 

Membership Chauffeur Service

We make attending The Bark Inn convenient and handy with our membership chauffeur service.

Our catchment zone covers Kinloch, Acacia Bay, Nukuhau and Taupo CBD.

Extra charges will apply outside of this zone. Please call us to discuss.

Saturday Social Club

Saturday Social Club is for our established clientele who’s dogs have regularly attended The Bark Inn.

Offering our members an opportunity for their dogs to play with friends in a safe environment while out with their guardians.


Country Club

$42.50 per member / per day


For established family members over 8 months.

Includes membership chauffeur service from Nukuhau, Acacia Bay, Kinloch and Taupo CBD.



$42.50 per member/per day


For small breed puppies aged up to 8 months.

Puppies can attend 14 days after full vaccination.

Includes membership chauffeur service from Nukuhau, Acacia Bay, Kinloch and Taupo CBD.

Sleepover Retreat

$43.00 per guest / per night

Accommodation in our guest lounge with heat pump/air conditioning and relaxing music.

Available for those who have completed the Comfort Check.

Weekender Day Retreats

$38.00 per guest / per day

Available Saturdays and Sundays.

Causal daycare for our family members who have used our services previously.

Saturday Social Club

$15.00 per member/ per one hour session

By appointment on Saturdays.

For our members who would love a safe environment to allow their dogs to run around off lead.

Book our play park for a play with your dog and their friends.

Meet & Greet

$28.00 per booking

This option is available for those that would like a walk through without your dog.

Limit of two people, no children under 16 years.

Half hour booking.


Comfort Check

$28.00 from/per dog

A visit is booked after submission of the application form.

One Hour Comfort check $28.00.

Full Day Comfort Check $38.00.

Chauffeur Service

$25.00 From

Members can book a chauffeur service pick up or drop off with their sleepover retreats.

Catchment area is Nukuhau, Acacia Bay, Kinloch and Taupo CBD.

Extra charges will apply outside of these areas.

Pamper Packs

$20.00 From

Book a pamper for your family member when they have a sleepover, using NZ made gentle shampoo/conditioning ranges.

Short coats bath/dry $20.00

Medium/double/long coats Bath/ Blow Dry/ Brush $35.00


Daily Brush

$5.00 per session

For Medium / Double / Long coated dogs who require extra brushing.

Invoices must be paid in full before your dog’s stay. Internet/bank deposits must be cleared before dogs are dropped off.



The Bark Inn stocks a range of dog grooming, care, treats and safety products.


Peak Season

Between 20th December & 10th January.

Minimum stay during peak season is 5 nights, this offers a more settled routine for our guests. 

Christmas guests are required to arrive by 10am 24th December.

$100 deposit upon confirmation of booking for peak season.



We encourage you to provide your dog’s regular diet to help keep continuity for your dog and reduce digestive upset, this is free of charge.

If your dog is on a raw diet and it isn’t possible for you to provide your own, we can feed a variety of raw meals starting at $3.50 per meal, discuss with us well in advance if your dog has protein restrictions so we can make sure we have suitable proteins on hand for the stay.



Please Note:

Pick-ups after 9am from sleepovers incur an additional charge.

Any extra charges are to be paid at time of pick-up.