A fun retreat for your best friend

A friendly Haven Exclusively for Small Dogs


At The Bark Inn, Small Dogs Country Retreat—established in 2017—you will find certified canine pet care specialist Jo Williams and a social, fun and friendly haven exclusively for small dogs.

As a child, you may remember your first sleepovers were likely with family, for example, a favourite auntie. It’s like that at The Bark Inn where we are family to your dog—family is our core value. When you leave your dog with us, it’s like leaving your child with a favourite auntie.

We understand that your small dog is your friend, a companion, a source of affection and even emotional support.

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Luxury, Comfort and Relaxation for Small Dogs

  • Fun: More than 2.5 acres of interactive playgrounds, water play and sandpits.
  • Enrichment: Social and outdoor activities.
  • Comfort: Guest lounge with comfortable beds, couches, heat pump and TV.
  • Relaxation: Plenty of room for your dog to unwind.
  • Low numbers: Your dog gets the attention and space they need, in the company of other small dogs.